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36 MM Fridge Bottle Cap
Use our Fridge Bottle Caps which are used to cover bottle's mouth. These are available in several colors, shape, etc. Also, they are made with a good quality raw material, therefore, there is no worry of any leakages, breaking down, etc.
46 MM Plastic Caps

Durable and sturdy Bottle Caps are available to ensure to seal the bottles without any leakage and spilling. They are designed in different specifications and colors to serve the exact needs of the clients.

48 MM Plastic Handle Cap

Our sophisticated Water Jugs are available in several designs, colors, patterns, etc. Plus, they come with good capacity, light weight, strong handle and so on. They have a beautiful lid which keep the liquid fresh and hygienic.

Spice Caps

Keep the spices safe and secured without any adulteration using these hard-wearing Spice Caps! They are designed to keep the spices away from moisture, air and spilling.

Plastic Spoon
Enjoy your food with our Plastic Spoons which are available in small, medium and big sizes. They are light weight, durable, colorful, stylish, etc. in nature. Also, they are used in homes, restaurants, hotels, and other places too.
Kiddi Dibbies

Kiddi Dibbies are designed for keeping the food and other materials safe from quality degradation caused due to moisture. They are safe-to-use products provided with air-tight caps.

Confectionery plastic Boxes
We offer Plastic Boxes which are used to store food products or allied components. They are transparent in shape, have good dimensions, colors, designs, etc. Also, they don't give any bad smell and are light in weight.
PET  Cap
Cover your jars, kitchen items and many allied components with our Jar Caps. They are lightweight, unbreakable, colorful and leakage free. Also, they are round in shape, easy to use, rotate and install.
Handle Cap
Our sophisticated and best quality Handle Caps are used to cover bottles or allied products. They are made by using great quality of top raw material, and are light in weight, have long durability, etc.
Dry Fruits Jar Cap

Heavy-duty Plastic Product is designed using high-quality plastic in different sizes to meet varied needs of different sectors. It is available with abrasion-proof, scratches-free and sturdy design.

Fridge Bottle Cap
We are the best manufacturer of Flip Top Caps which are easy to open and close. They are light in weight, have accurate dimensions, unbreakable property and so on. Also, they are easy to use and install.
Plastic Jar Cap
Use our Push Pull Caps which are also known as sport caps. These caps come with a small sipper in between. They are easy to open and close with very little effort.

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